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RKG Ghee is a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality pure ghee in India. Our policy is "To delight the customer by taste and flavour". We are committed to our customers allover the world with traditional RKG Ghee's quality and service.

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Our Products

RKG Ghee is available in the following SKU'S (Stock Keeping Units) for the convenience of consumers.

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Why choose us

RKG is a leading manufacturer of Ghee and is known for its quality, purity and divinity.

Our Products


Rkg procures butter from leading dairies all over India, the raw material goes through our stringent lab test before manufacturing ghee.


We have a good distribution network all over Tamilnadu and Kerala. We supply to over 800 leading wholesalers and our distributors directly.


85 years of experience in manufacturing ghee is our key strength. Our brand is trusted by our distributors and customers.

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