RKG Ghee manufacturer


RKG Ghee is available in the following SKU'S (Stock Keeping Units) for the convenience of consumers.

Domestic packs:

RKG Ghee is available in tins, pet jars, pouches and sachets for domestic purpose.


rkg ghee in tin
15lt, 10lt, 5lt, 2lt, 1lt, 500ml, 200ml, 100ml and 50ml tins are available. The tins are coated with food grade laquer coating in order to avoid rusting inside or outside the tins.


rkg ghee in pet jars
1 lt, 500ml, 200ml, 100ml and 50ml pet jar are available. All the pet jars are sealed with aluminium foil (with AGMARK logo) which helps to retain aroma and helps to avoid duplication.


rkg ghee in pouches
500ml, 200ml, 100ml and 50ml stand-up pouches are available. Standup pouches are used as an economical refill pack.


rkg ghee in sachets
50ml, 15ml sachets are for convenience of immediate use especially for temple lamps, pooja kits, briyani kits etc.